Group Exhibition, Biotic

I excitedly announce that I've been invited by Ohio State to participate in a group exhibition at their University gallery, entitled Biotic. Here is a short descript:

"Biotic: [Adjective], of, relating to, or resulting from living things, especially in their ecological relations"

Biotic features a wide range of artist who share an interest in the cycle of plants, people, and organisms that make up the substance of life. The natural light and surrounding landscape allow the artists an opportunity to bring living organisms into the gallery. Through living organisms, the artists emphasize natural processes and materials (plants, bugs, mushrooms, soil, etc.) each artist forms a part in the system of Biotic. 

2014 NCECA Project Space

What an amazing experience Project Space was for me! I had an incredible turn of participants and there were many discussions about the intentions of the project. It also connected me with folks within the ceramics community that are working in similar veins. Such a success- thank you NCECA!

Kickstarter Success!

Thanks to all the support from the community of friends, family, art and beyond, I reached my goal on Kikstarter! I am so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to using the money to fund my artistic practice and specifically the disposable terra cotta cup project at the 2014 NCECA Project space. 

MFA Exhibition- Cycle

It's near the end and my MFA exhibition is under way.

Here, I hand out free plants and seeds for guests of the reception to take home for their summer garden. We talk about the different varieties and how best to plant them. 

(image by Kat Wilson)

(image by Kat Wilson)